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Halcyon Praetorian by madcomm Halcyon Praetorian by madcomm
The halcyon praetorians are all highly dangerous combat variants of ceruleans - halcyon cyborgs.
A type of model who's production has since thousands of years seized, due to the productions and building of them being literally against all halcyons stand for.

Praetorians are elite, hardeous, endurant and powerful supersoldiers, but are currently extremely rare, being counted in the 30s in the entire universe.

This praetorian displayed is named Kustave. A roughly 7000 year old 7th legion super soldier.
He has an accent similar to a russian version of bane (from batman).

The pinkish ribbon on his upper left grav wing was implaced there by his adoptive daughter.

Do note that under all this armor is a living being, althought Kustave very rarely removes his armor in  public.

Kustave's weapon is a powerful fusion beamer which, rather than firing a continuous, very high energy stream of fusioned particles, releases in pulse accelerated plates of particles which, on impact, generates sudden molecular fusion - effectively tearing through multiple targets, vehicles and even in some cases, certain, hard points of enemy warships.

Kustave's armor sustains two shield layers - a spinning and spherical hard energy shield and a gravitational repulsion shield. Kustave is able to fight in both air, sea, land and space.

Kustave is a high ranking 7th legion officer.

Done in Illustrator
Aldark Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Which bane? =P the awesome TAS version which was actually a mexican luchidor gone rogue due to substance abuse, or the wierd DKR version? =P
madcomm Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The movie one =p
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